Bed Sheets - Cotton, Flannel and Microfiber

Everyone loves to decorate their bedrooms. Be it their wall or any other space, they don't leave it free from decorative items. What they forget is their bed. The beds also need to get decorated with the bedclothes known as beddings. It is laid above the bed for warmth, hygiene and decorative purpose. Of course, it also can be washed and removed when needed. Beddings not only include bed sheets but also blankets and duvets.

It not only gives you a sound sleep when you come back after a long tiring day but also spreads freshness and positivity in your bedroom if the colors are bright and attractive, depending on your choice. Your bed requires a far lesser amount of energy to decorate it. Like you buy a scarf for your outfit once in every week or month rather than changing your whole wardrobe. Same is the case with beddings.

So are you looking for soft and comfortable bed sheets that will last a long time? Do you want simple and decent bed sheet designs that define elegance?


Plaid Bed Sheet SetOur bed sheets are made of high-quality cotton flannel fabric that will not be harsh on your skin but will stay firm and free of creases as well. Flannel basically is a loosely knitted fabric which is popularly known for its warmth and softness. What's more, it is affordable for everyone. The weight of flannel bedding is measured in GSM. The more its GSM is the more fine quality and warmth it provides.Well, you’ve come to the right place!

 Bed sheets that get crumpled easily are very difficult to deal with because you have to keep flattening the crumpled parts over and over. It can get pretty annoying as well! This is why our bed sheets are made of 100% cotton flannel because the material isn’t hard on your skin and doesn’t crumple easily either. It’s like having the best of the two worlds! Ideal in summers and winters both. This also has the ability to absorb the moisture or sweat from your body as the fabric is very absorbent. Our bed-sheets are wrinkle-resistant so that you don’t have to keep fixing your bed sheet!

It’s important to have a bed sheet that is compatible with your skin because many skin problems can arise due to harsh and irritating bed sheets! We understand that, which is why Goza Bedding’s bed sheets are hypoallergenic! Using hypoallergenic sheets can save you from all the allergies. Unlike mattresses, sheets cannot get saved from all the dust so it's better that you use such sheets that are itself dust proof. It repels dust and other allergies that can cause you harm. And you can reduce your chances of an asthma attack at night when it aggravates your allergies. These sheets ensure that you get a peaceful sleep in a luxury. 

microfiber bed sheet setMoreover, our bed sheets are available in a wide variety of designs, so you can find one according to your preferences! We have separate flat sheets and fitted sheets. Flat sheets are typically used in North America but now it is widespread all over. Flat sheets disunite you from the blanket, comforter or quilt. Whereas fitted sheets just fit over the mattress and have an elastic edge. That being said, our bed sheets are durable and will last a very long time! The color of the fabric will not fade away and it will look great even years later! Our fabric’s color is resistant to fading.

Apart from bed sheets, we also have pillow cases and bed skirts. Bed skirts simply add more décor to your room because it falls to the floor at the mattress's side. The main function of the bed skirt is to cover up the box spring.

pillow cases

You can also choose from our variety of microfiber bed skirts, flat sheet, and fitted sheets if you're interested! What’s more? We have many sizes available i.e. twin, full, queen and king. King size is the biggest of all and mostly used.

So, what are you waiting for? Get these hypoallergenic and durable sheets so that you can get the deep, restful sleep you’ve always wanted! You sleep better when you’re feeling more comfortable and these sheets are pretty comfortable and make your bed heaven.


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