Home and Bedding Shopping with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin)

Goza Towels is one of the leading providers of high-end luxurious 100% cotton bed sheets, towels, fabric, and bedding products to our clients all over the U.S.

Our products are aimed to meet client expectations, providing them with high-quality products and exceptional services. Now, we have decided to bring the same ease and comfort into the way we offer services.

To do so, Goza Towels is now diversifying the way we accept payments. You can now add Goza towels to the list of U.S businesses accepting payments using cryptocurrencies!

Alongside our conventional payment methods, i.e., Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, we are now accepting payments using...

  • Bitcoin (BTC) - the most widely used cryptocurrency,
  • Ethereum (ETH) - the second-largest global cryptocurrency,
  • And Dogecoin (DOGE), all made possible through Coinbase Commerce’s exchange site!


The Thought behind the Initiative

Cryptocurrencies are a form of “digital” or “virtual” currencies used to buy goods and services. They operate on “Blockchain" technology, eliminating the need for a third party such as the government or a bank acting as an intermediary.  Due to this, they are highly secure and do not require any third-party fees, taxes, or regulations.

Cryptocurrency is constantly hitting the headlines with the rise and fall in the stock value of virtual currencies. With time, more and more users are becoming accustomed to the use of cryptocurrencies.

Today, users are not only using cryptocurrencies to buy and sell coins; they are also beginning to look for businesses that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for goods and services. Similarly, retailers, small and large businesses alike are now listing cryptocurrencies as acceptable forms of payment.

As we provide solutions to clients nationwide, with cryptocurrency, we hope to expand our client base to meet users looking for businesses that accept crypto payments and to diversify the way we provide services!

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Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

At Goza Towels, we wish to offer services that are safe and secure. Credit cards and debit cards may be among the most widespread payment methods, but they are also the leading source of theft and fraud. On the other hand, cryptocurrency transactions are a far more secure payment method.

Since cryptocurrency eliminates the need for a third party, your funds are transferred directly to the receiver minimizing the chances of hacking, tampering, and theft.

Crypto payments are also much faster than conventional payment methods. They do not require funds transfer through third parties (decentralized exchanges can only facilitate your transaction, not withhold your funds), all to ease the way you make payments online!

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What Can Your Purchase at Goza Towels with Cryptocurrency?

Goza Towels is one of the leading wholesale distributors and providers of 100% cotton towels, bedsheets/bedding, bathrobes, and fabric in Food and Beverage, Travel and Tourism, Lodging, and Recreation services in the hospitality industry.  


We are the trusted choice when it comes to sustainable bedding for hospitality-based service industries. Our products are manufactured to meet the expectations of hotels, hospitals, spas, and recreation centers where guest comfort is a priority.


At Gaza Towels, we offer several products to our clientele, including:

  • Bedsheets/bedding and pillowcases
  • Towels and bath mats
  • Bathrobes and wraps
  • Mattress and pillow protectors
  • Flannel sheet sets
  • Microfiber towels
  • Pool towels
  • Beach towels
  • Socks and undershirts

You can check out our complete list of collections here.

We deal with clients from all over the US, and to cater to your unique needs, we have updated the way we accept payments online to include cryptocurrencies


How Does It Work?

The whole process is fairly simple. Here is a breakdown!

  1. To start, browse our website to choose the products you wish to purchase. You can shop by browsing through our collections or products listed online.
  2. Add the products you wish to purchase to your online shopping cart.
  3. Fill in your contact information, i.e., your full name, email address, home address, contact number, etc.
  4. Choose the shipping method you prefer and move on to "Payments."
  5. At Payments, you will be asked to choose the payment method you prefer. 
  6. As mentioned before, we accept PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. Below these options, you will find the newly integrated “Coinbase Commerce” option.
  7. Coinbase Commerce is a Blockchain service that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Dogecoin (DOGE), etc. 
  8. After clicking "Complete Order," you will be redirected to the Coinbase Commerce website to complete your purchase securely.


How Does Coinbase Commerce Send Payments?

You can pay using cryptocurrency through Coinbase by setting up a Coinbase account. Coinbase essentially helps facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Once you complete your order and are redirected to Coinbase, you simply log in using your profile credentials and follow the instructions on how to send funds to the seller (Goza Towels). 

Once your payment is confirmed, Goza Towel will immediately be notified to get your package ready for shipping. 

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Is Coinbase Secure?

Naturally, you would want information on the security of transactions made on Coinbase’s platform.

According to Coinbase, all transactions are "decentralized" and "peer-to-peer." In simpler terms, payments are made directly from peer-to-peer online securely without the need of an intermediary.  Where a centralized exchange would hold the ownership of your coins - making them more liable to crypto theft - a "decentralized" exchange gives you, the user, total control of your funds. 

Users can partake in peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, i.e., you can trade with others directly (in this case, "Goza Towels") using your cryptocurrency wallets. Since you don't need to send your funds through a third party, you pay little to no fee, and there is a much-reduced risk of your funds being hacked because of an attack on the exchange.

All in all, your funds are secure and free from online tampering concerns, and you don't have to pay any additional fees on your orders.

So if you are a crypto enthusiast, consider using cryptocurrency to make your purchases on our website!


Returns Through Coinbase

Before you place your orders, please note that orders paid through Coinbase Commerce’s platform are final and cannot be returned to Coinbase or exchanged to hard currency. 

All returns are processed using Goza Towels’ return policy, so be sure to check that out. You will, however, be eligible to receive returns in the form of our Goza Towels Gift Card!



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