How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel in 7 Steps

Hotels pride themselves in the comfort and luxury that they provide to their guests. This is clear in the way they prepare their guests' rooms, especially their beds. It has that extra layer of comfort that you can't find at home.

Presentation is one factor that stands out with how hotels set up their guest rooms and suites, but it doesn't stop there. What's great is that you can also replicate the hotel experience in your home.

Read on to learn how you can replicate hotel beds at home. We will look at ways on how to make your bed like a hotel, both in appearance and comfort level.

1. Get a Good Mattress

To learn how to make your bed comfortable like a hotel bed, you will need a quality mattress to match that level of luxury. Hotels use a specific type of mattress issued by various companies. This means a great number of these mattresses do not appear on the market.

On the bright side, you can avail of some of these hotel mattresses. These will cost you a pretty penny, so ensure you're ready for the investment before jumping in.

It's also possible to get a bed that can be on par with the ones used in hotels when you do this, though. If not, you can go for a high-quality mattress like spring mattresses, instead. A therapeutic mattress can also work for you.

If you prefer to keep your own mattress, try flipping it around. Doing this allows you to lay on the side that isn't as pressed down as the one you lay on. You can also add a layer of memory foam to accentuate its softness.

2. Bed Sheets With Good Thread Count

Another quality that a hotel bed has is how smooth it is to your touch. You can achieve this softness through the use of sheets with good thread count. For instance, go with the silky sensation provided by a 300-thread-count bed sheet made with Egyptian cotton.

The trick is in the bedsheet's material. The higher the thread count, the softer the bedsheet. You can also go with two layers of fitted sheets placed on top of your mattress.

As a handy tip, consider going for white sheets to give off that pure and comfy look that you can see in hotel rooms. To get started with your search for the right set of sheets, check out this selection here.

3. Add Layers With Comforter and Duvet

Picking up from the previous tip, add layers to your bed for that luxurious aesthetic. Hotel beds make use of layers to bring out that plushy feeling. You can achieve this by adding a comforter and a duvet into the mix. As long as you go for the 300-thread-count and above, you should be able to get that soft and silky smooth texture on the bed.

The cool part about this is that you get a soft and comfy sensation that you simply want to sink into the bed. This makes your bed hard enough to resist as if you're in a hotel room yourself.

4. Choose the Right Pillows and Cushions

Aside from adding layers, consider getting the right pillows and cushions to match your bed. Go for two to four pillows. In this case, go for down fill pillows or feather pillows for the softness. You can then include two fiberfill pillows to go with it.

Extra pillows can help you with having options on what to use. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three pillows to help you choose the preferred softness to lay your head to. If you like hugging your pillows, this should work as well.

Meanwhile, adding some throw pillows and cushions can help you add color to the bedroom. It also makes the bed fluffier and gives you more pillows to support you.

5. Make Pillows Fluffy

If you want to learn how to make your bed like a hotel does, the secret lies in the pillows. Make sure to fluff your pillows. Pillows that look fluffy tend to be enticing. But after using them, they become flat and deflated.

While it's a small step, doing this gives does a lot in making your bed comfortable. You won't even recognize your pillow as the same one you had before.

6. Color Choices Matter

Another important factor when you want to replicate the hotel room aesthetic is to coordinate the colors of your bed. This applies to the sheets, the added layers from your comforter, and the pillowcases.

For the sheets, go for a white color since they tend to go under the layers. It gives off that clean look as well, making it a good backdrop for the rest of your bed.

As for the other components, try to coordinate the colors along with the ones in the rest of the room. Match these well as you can capture the hotel room warmth if you pull this off.

The presentation is your friend when you're doing this. When making and tidying up your bed, you can add a throw blanket to bring in the needed accent.

7. Regular Cleaning

If you want to learn how to make your bed feel like a hotel bed, you need to clean it well. Cleaning is an integral factor when you want fresh and crisp sheets on your bed. Consider washing the sheets twice a week.

Meanwhile, have the delicate cushion covers dry-cleaned often.

Now, when setting the bed after washing the needed sheets and covers, it has a specific set of instructions to execute. Give this guide a look for details on setting the atmosphere and lighting, as well as the detailed step-by-step process of setting the bed from the sheets to the pillowcases.

After that, you should be all set with a bedroom that a hotelier would be proud of.

Learn How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel Does Today

With these steps, you should know how to make your bed like a hotel. The trick is capturing the same feel and quality with the sheets and the mattress. Once you have all that, you can sleep as if you had a great staycation in a five-star hotel suite.

You can capture this exact sensation with our bedsheets, blankets, and much more. Check out our selection today. You can also contact us here for any inquiries and comments you have. 

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