Quality bath mats for home by Goza Towels

Posted by Aman Gurdov on

Goza Towels - Cotton Bath Mats

Safely step out of the shower or bath with help from the Goza Towels Banded Bath Mat. The terrycloth mat comfortably cushions bare feet and offers a warm, dry, and cozy place to stand.


In addition to being placed in front of the bath or shower, the mat also works well in front of a vanity for standing on while getting ready in the morning. The bath mat measures 20 by 31 inches and comes in an array of stylish colors sure to complement surrounding decor.




100% Ring Spun Cotton

Made from all-natural materials means it’s free from synthetic elements and harmful chemicals. Ring-spun from 100-percent cotton, the bath mat offers cushioning comfort and ultimate peace of mind—a great choice for any family.

Even more, the Goza Towels bath mat provides professionally hemmed, double-stitched edges for enhanced strength, along with a thick, banded design for added visual appeal and interesting dimension.


Extra-Comfy, Highly Absorbent, and Quick Drying

The towel-like softness of these bath mats ensures extraordinary comfort for your feet, extra quick wetness absorbency, and at the same time ensures fast drying, rendering it perfect for everyday home use. While ordinary bath rugs and mats give your feet a cold and damp feel, these 100% cotton mats can treat your feet just the right way and ensure the ultimate comfort they deserve. These long-lasting bath mats will do the job and shield your feet against the cold and hard floor while giving you spa-like feel at home.