Goza Towels Cotton Washable Bath Rag Mat (Pack of 2, 20 x 31)

Color: Aquba Blue
  • Set includes two cotton bath matsss measuring 20 x 31 inches each. Towel-like bath mat offers added safety and a warm, dry place to stand when stepping out of the shower. 
  • Exquisitely soft, highly absorbent and wonderfully luminous
  • Cotton bath mats manufactured using soft 100% cotton, 1000 gsm, made in Pakistan. Material remains soft after washing and drying. 
  • Large hand towels are perfect for everyday multipurpose use; shower, bathroom, restroom, non-slip, washable, reversible, 
  • Thick, soft, absorbent and fluffy. Material getting softer and softer after a couple washes.
  • Very absorbent; 100 natural cotton material is extra absorbent and retains excess moisture. Towels dry quickly.
  • Easy care. Towels are durable and stand up to multiple wash cycles. Machine Washable and Dryable. Enhanced for lasting color and shape.

Ringspun 100% Cotton for Smoothness

How refreshing it feels to pamper your hands with a soft, absorbent, fluffy hand towel after a day of house chores! Made of 100% cotton fabric, these towels possess breathable characteristics which make them perfect for your hands and body. It is hypoallergenic, agreeable to touch, and is ideal for people with skin hyper-sensibility.

Being terry in nature, theses weaves are the most absorbent of all kind with loops on both sides that create extra surface area for completely drying off your hands and body

Washing Instructions

- Use warm water to wash towels in order to avoid color bleeding.

- Do not use fabric softeners.

- Do not use bleach at any stage of washing and drying.

Drying Instructions

- If you are using a dryer, use the high heat setting.

- Hang them up afterward in an area with good airflow. If towels are damp, you should never hang them over one another.

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