Wholesale %100 Cotton Flannel Baby Blanket (3 Pack)


Wholesale Flannel Receiving Blanket - 14 Sets 

Sold by Carton only

Quantity: 14 Sets Per Carton

✅ Each set includes multi - color %100 cotton large receiving muslin flannel swaddle blankets pack of 3.

Cotton baby flannel receiving blanket is soft and warm against baby's skin. Lightweight and breathable.

Perfect for cuddling, burping and swaddling baby, Newborn essential for mom and baby.

Multi Use: Use our baby swaddles as a swaddle blanket, muslin burp cloth, nursing cover, car seat cover, stroller cover, pram cover, changing pad cover, flat sheet infant receiving blankets and tummy time blanket.

Machine Wash and Dryable.

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