Wholesale Authentic Falsa Yoga Mexican Throw Blanket - 12 Pcs

Color: All Colors

Wholesale Mexican Throw Blanket - 12 Pack

Sold by Carton only

Quantity: 12 Pieces Per Carton

Each Carton includes 2 Pieces of:

  • Orange Grey
  • Red Grey 
  • Pink Grey
  • Yellow Grey
  • Green Grey
  • Blue Grey


✅ Goza Cotton Authentic Falsa Mexican Yoga Throw Blanket cotton blend fibers

✅ Made in India. %40 Cotton %60 Polyester. THICK enough for a bolster pillow for yoga as a bedspread a table cloth home decor tapestry over couch or a table runner

✅ LARGER size 50” x 80” is Ideal for Yoga Camping Picnicking Bedspread and Home Décor.

✅ MACHINE WASHABLE This cozy-soft blanket is machine washable & easy to keep clean. Wash in warm water with similar colors. Tumble dry low heat. No bleach. Do not iron.

✅ We offer you 100% GUARANTEE so that you buy with confidence. We are Very sure that you will be its superior absorption & amazing style quotient.

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