Mattress Protectors vs. Mattress Encasements

Mattresses and box springs are the base and foundation of any bed.  Some are firm while others are plush.  Box springs have different heights to help make the bed rise as high or low as needed. Mattresses can be the most important purchasing decision for the bed.  You want to buy a mattress with the goal of having it last for a long time.  The average lifespan for a mattress can be for over ten years.  With that in mind, you want to make sure you can do everything possible to protect your mattresses.  Luckily, there are many products available to help prolong the life of your mattress.  Two of these products are mattress encasements and mattress protectors.  While both are similar, this blog will help to educate you about the differences and help you decide which is best for your mattress needs.
Mattress Protectors
Mattress protectors are placed on the top of the mattress.  It is similar to how a fitted sheet covers the bed.  However, mattress protectors are still effective at acting as a barrier against liquid spills and other particles.  They are also breathable which can help produce a higher quality sleep.  Ideally, mattress protectors should be waterproof.   Mattress protectors are also generally viewed as more economical than mattress encasements.  They are ideal if you would like good quality protection against spills and harmful particles.  Mattress protectors also won’t be noticed through the sheets as easily.  Mattress protectors are easier to remove than mattress encasements because protectors don’t cover the entire mattress.  This flexibility gives protectors an advantage if you regularly plan on removing it for laundry.
Mattress Encasements
Mattress encasements offer protection for the entire mattress.  They are zippered which helps it to cover the mattress on all sides. Similar to mattress protectors, mattress encasements are also breathable which helps make sleeping more comfortable.  Encasements are more durable than mattress protectors and can offer protection from bed bugs.   Overall, a mattress encasement would be better if you want a higher level of protection.  A mattress encasement would also be the preference if your mattresses are more prone to frequent spills such as from bodily fluids.  Mattress encasements are also better for those who have sensitive skin.
Protectors and Encasements are Important
It is important to have at least one or the other form of protection for your bed.  While there are cleaning products to manually remove spills on a mattress, it is still challenging to remove stains completely.  Most reputable mattress companies will offer a warranty, but the warranty becomes void if there are any stains.  The mattress protector or encasement can help prevent this problem from ever occurring.  Overall, they are the best long term solution to protecting mattresses.  As an innkeeper, you will actually find it beneficial to have both a mattress protector and mattress encasement on the bed.  This will help ensure maximum protection and make it easier for laundry purposes.  The mattress encasement can remain on the mattress at all times while the mattress protector can be periodically removed to wash.


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