Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets – What's the Best Type of Bedsheet for You?

About 164 million Americans have difficulty falling asleep at least one time each week. Do you struggle to get to sleep at night and blame your uncomfortable sheets? 

Your current sheets aren't cutting it, but that doesn't mean that another set of sheets won't work better for your sleep style. 

You may want to try a different sheet material that has more of the characteristics you like. After all, there are a lot of options out there, such as microfiber or cotton, that are popular and might be the perfect fit for you.

How can you choose the best set of sheets when there is such a wide selection? Let's break down the difference between microfiber vs cotton sheets below and figure out which option is best for you.

Benefits of Microfiber Sheets

Microfiber sheets are very soft and lightweight, which makes them a great choice for bedding. People love the way that they feel on skin and hair.

Finely woven strands of polyester are combined to create microfiber, so the quality of the sheet will rely on the quality of the polyester used. The thread count will also impact the quality and feel of the sheets.

In some microfiber products, recycled materials or wood pulp may also be added to create a different feel. Microfiber is also more resistant to staining and it may even help reduce allergies for some people. 

These sheets are made with the help of a machine and are very durable as a result. They are difficult to rip or tear because of the way the materials are woven together.

Typically, these sheets can be washed and dried in regular machines with no special adjustments needed.

Benefits of Cotton Sheets

Cotton is a classic choice for bed linen because it is a widely available resource and is a breathable material. These are the most traditional sheets that you will find out there! 

Cotton sheets are very smooth to the touch, which makes them a great choice for people that have skin conditions. 

The material has high levels of airflow, which means that you will be comfortable whether you are a hot or cold sleeper. If you do get too hot, cotton is great for wicking away any moisture or sweat that you may experience in the night.

Cotton sheets can also be made quite thick, which means they last longer overall with repeated use and keep you warmer on cold nights

Another benefit of cotton sheets is that they are durable and can last through many wash and dry cycles. They won't shrink or warp in the wash either due to the natural materials they are made from.


Why Do We Use Sheets?

One thing to consider that may help you make your final choice is the point of the sheets you use in the first place. What are sheets doing for you that your mattress and comforter or duvet don't?

Sheets are meant to keep all of the saliva, dead skin, hair, skin oils, bacteria, and other particles that we shed in the night off our bed. Sleeping on these things can cause a lot of problems, including skin issues or odor.

Even worse than that, dust mites will live in the folds of your bedding and live on those dead skin cells if you don't clean them off. 

Generally, people are encouraged to clean their sheets at least once every two weeks, but once a week is ideal. The sheet acts as a protective barrier between you and the mattress or the duvet (which are things you likely don't wash as often).

With this knowledge in mind, consider which material you think will be most comfortable to sleep on and will be able to be washed as often as you'll need. If you have allergies or other conditions, you may be washing your bedding more often.

Microfiber vs Cotton Sheets: Which Is Best?

As you narrow down your choice for bed sheets, you'll find that both of these options have pros and cons depending on how you sleep.

If you're a hot sleeper that wants to have thicker sheets, cotton would be the best material for you to choose.

If you're someone that wants to keep their bed looking pristine with no wrinkles or stains at any point, microfiber could be your ideal sheet type.

Microfiber is soft and comfortable, but the material is created with man-made materials. For those of you that may want something more natural, cotton is a better choice. 

Some cotton sheets can be low quality due to the type of cotton used. Although our cotton is high quality, you may find that other brands are scratchy or even quicker to fall apart because of the low thread count. 

The best choice for you is not going to be the same for someone else. However, you know your own body and sleep style best. Consider these factors when you are selecting a material for your sheets.

Get Your Best Night's Sleep

The debate between microfiber vs cotton sheets comes down to personal preference, but hopefully, this knowledge will help you make an educated decision.

Regardless of which way you decide to go, we have the sheets that you need! Our large selection of bedding and bed linen will provide you with the options you are searching for to find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Check out our store today and find that great night's sleep you've been missing out on.

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