What are microfiber towels?

You would have heard when people say ‘reinventing the wheel’, which means the old invention was already doing its work pretty well. There wasn’t any need to reinvent it. Well, if every inventor started to think that way, we’d still be living in the old times of caves. With these even little inventions, our work can be done more effectively. For example, let’s talk about cleaning, that most of us hate the chore. Could anyone think that there’ll be a better way to clean other than just from soap and water? If you have used microfiber towels for cleaning, then you would know how this great invention is giving benefits to all of us. They are not only hygienic but also save your money to be spent on expensive and harmful detergents. We are not talking about magic. It's in science. Let's find out how.

Microfiber cleaning cloths

If you want to clean your kitchen top thoroughly that is dirty, you would think to clean it with the big brush. Now, do you think it’s a good idea to use a big brush on a kitchen top? It’s impractical. What if we tell you that this work could get done by a microfiber towel that can pack more energy into the same area. This towel has a lot of small fibers that are made of nylon. These microfibers can attach to the smallest dirt particles, that normally can get ignored by an ordinary cloth or towel. We wish you could see these forces that how they are so adhesive to the dirt.

What are Microfibers?
A microfiber is an extremely tiny synthetic fiber. It is approximately 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. The fiber is made from a blend of two materials: polyester and polyamide.

What are Microfiber Towels?
Polyester and polyamide is blended at different ratios to create different types of microfibers. This results in a wider range of microfiber towels for unique applications. You can note the blend ratio of towel by looking at the product description. The ratio is often stated as 90/10 or 75/25 which signifies the ratio of polyester to polyamide.

Another major differentiator of different microfiber towels is the density. The more dense the microfibers, the more it can absorb and is generally more expensive. The density of a microfiber cloth is denoted in grams per square meter (GSM). This creates uniformity which you can use to compare different towels. For example, a if a 16×16 cloth is 500 GSM, this means it a square meter of the cloth weighs 500 grams, not the 16×16 cloth itself.


What are the benefits of Microfiber Towels?

The biggest benefit of microfibers are their effectiveness at attracting dirt and absorbing liquid. Microfibers have a star shaped structure on each strand which is perfect for cleaning.

Are you looking for microfiber towels that will not erode away or fade away when used for cleaning purposes around the house?

With Goza’s Microfiber towels, you can get exactly that, and much more!

Goza’s towels are made of high-quality microfibers to ensure that any cleaning function can be properly done without tearing or eroding away from the towel!

Let us tell you some benefits of Goza’s microfiber towels.

  • They are very absorbent because they have little and fine microfiber that have an asterisk kind of structure, which can hold so much water in itself. Not only water but anything, be it grease for example.
  • They save you so much money as it reduces the number of detergents you use for cleaning. Because Goza’s Microfiber towels can be used dry or a little damp for cleaning windows, dusting surfaces and mirrors.

Moreover, our microfiber cleaning towels are available in a variety of colors to make sure you can assign each color a specific function to keep them separate easily!

microfiber towels

Our microfiber towels are available for a pretty reasonable price! They’re multi-purpose cleaning towels that are perfect for cleaning glasses, structures covered with paint and other delicate items where you don’t want scratches to appear!

We have microfiber cleaning towels available in two different sizes, listed below:


  • 12 by 12 inches – these are used to clean smaller items and they’re used to clean areas that are narrow and unreachable otherwise.
  • 16 by 16 inches – these can be used to clean larger surfaces like cars and wall mirrors!


Goza’s microfiber towels are even easy to clean. Wash it thoroughly with water after every use. Or wash it in hot and warm water with some detergent. Don't use bleach. Dry it in the open air. The most important point that if this towel is getting used daily, you should them every week. 

We assure you that these microfiber cleaning towels by Goza will last a very long time without fading away. Well, of course, everything has its own shelf life and expiry period, but we ensure you that Goza’s towels will reach their point long after you expect them to! They’re durable, strong and won't scratch your belongings. You can also carry them around in your purse as reusable napkins. They’re safe to use in the washing machine so you can just wash them and re-use them instead of throwing them away. This makes them environmentally friendly too!

So, what are you waiting for? Get these microfiber cleaning towels by Goza to make sure that your house stays clean and free of dust and dirt in all areas!

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