What is a terry cloth towel or bath towels?

Nobody appreciates bath towels until they step out of their shower and forget to take one, drip drying themselves, then needing one badly to wrap yourself up or dry your hair. Most of you may not know that bath towels are made of terrycloth – that is recognized by its small loops which are made from cotton (moisture-loving thing). When the water comes in contact with a towel, it absorbs in those loops and leaves yourself dry, no matter if it's your body or bathroom floor. What's more interesting if you hang up your towel after using it, it dries up itself soon and will be ready for the next time to use it.

Goza Bath Towels

For your information, there are many important factors to see when you wish to shop for bath towels.

  • You should see its material. Check out its fiber content. It is the most crucial thing to check out in your bath towel as all fibers are different from each other in respect to their durability, softness, absorbance, and color-fastness. There are more cotton towels because of their softness and absorbance capability. Even cotton towels have a wide range in themselves like Egyptian cotton, organic cotton, Turkish cotton, and Pima cotton. Moreover, there are more eco-friendly choices, towels that are made from bamboo and microfiber.
  • You should check its size before buying one. This is very annoying when you bring it home only realizing that it isn’t wrapping your whole body in it. The standard width size is 27” to 30” while the standard length is 52” to 58”. Towels that are 27” by 52” are perfect for kids but not for adults.
  • You should see the weight of the bath towels. They measure the weight of towels in GSM. Lower the GSM, lower the weight of the towel. Some of you might like lighter towels while some of you prefer heavier ones. But lighter towels are more convenient.
  • You should check its absorbancy when purchasing a bath towel. The heavier ones will be more absorbent but they’ll take a long time to dry out. And remember, towels that are made from Pima or Egyptian cotton are more absorbent.
  • You should check out its color, whether they'll fade or not. There is no way to tell this, unfortunately. You only can read reviews of the other users of that towel.

So now, are you looking for durable and reliable bath towels that feel soft and comfortable on the skin and will absorb moisture readily?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Goza Towels, you’ll find the best quality bath towels that won’t irritate your skin or your hair! Rugged bath towels that have a hard texture can damage your skin and your hair, which is why we ensure the best quality while making these bath towels.


bath towel sizes

We have a variety of colors and sizes available to suit your requirements, which include:

Towel Set

  • 12 by 12 inches washcloths – these washcloths are suitable for daily use. For example, if you ever spill your coffee or water on the floor, these washcloths will help you clean up the mess.
  • 13 by 13 inches washcloths – same use as stated above!
  • 16 by 28 inches hand towels – you can use these to dry your hands after washing them or for drying your hair too! These towels also serve as great towels that you can use while traveling because of their small but sufficient size!
  • 20 by 25 inches hand towels – these are a larger version of the hand towels! Once again, they can be used for drying your hair as well and they come in handy while you’re traveling.
  • 28 by 56 inches bath towels – you can use these bath towels after showering or for drying your hair.
  • 40 by 70 inches bath sheet towels – these are for the people who don’t find small bath towels adequate as well as for tall individuals.
  • Bath mats –measuring 20 by 31 inches. These bath mats are also made of cotton. They have an anti-slip material attached underneath to make sure you don’t slip while on the mats!


So, what are you waiting for? Buy these amazing and durable towels from Goza Towels! They’ll last you a very long time!

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